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UwP = Underwater Photography Magazine

UwP Editor Peter Rowlands
UwP Editor Peter Rowlands

What is UwP?

UwP is an online pdf magazine for you to download and save on your computer to read as often as you like but while UwP looks just like a printed magazine the big difference is that the current issue of UwP is free!

Sign up for UwP today and discover how every issue is packed with equipment news and reviews, location reports, personality profiles and portfolios, top tips for better pictures and classified adverts, making it the essential read for all underwater photographers, everywhere.

So, without further ado, let the pictures and the smelling pistakes commence...

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What's in our latest issue, UwP99?

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UwP issue 99 cover

Nov/Dec 2017, 82 pages.


Blue Planet II


Gladius Submersible Drone


News Travel & Events

New from Master Liveaboards

Beneath the Sea 2018

Arctic Whale Expeditions Winter 2017 - 2018

Anilao Photo & Video Workshop 2018

Truk Lagoon 2018 with Brook Peterson

50% discount on all domestic flights

Palau Liveaboard 

UPY 2018 closing date 2nd Jan 2018


New Products 

Ikelite housing for Nikon D850

Nauticam NA-D7500 housing for the Nikon D7500

TRT-Electronics mobie 

TRT-Electronics o-TURTLE

Sealux HXA25 housing for Canon XA25

Fantasea FA6000 housing for the Sony a6000

New Ultralight AC-H1/4 handles

Acquapazza APSO-A9 housing for the Sony α9

Nauticam NA-D850 housing for the Nikon D850


Subal ND850 for Nikon D850

Acquapazza 200 metre domes

Sea & Sea Optical Dome Port II 100

SECA DS100 Telescopic Pole Camera

Nimar housing NIGH5 for Panasonic GH5 

Maldives nudibranchs by Jim Anderson


Product reviews

Olympus EM-1 Mk11 & EP14 by Phil Rudin

Nauticam WACP by Alex Mustard

Gladius Submersible Drone by Peter Rowlands


Competitions & Exhibitions

Competitions by Peter Rowlands

Looking for whales by Wade & Robyn Hughes


Marine life

Lion fish invasion by Jean Michel Machefert 

Killer tooth ache by Dr Ingrid N. Visser



Blue Heron Bridge by Phil Rudin



Wonderful journey by Tim Rock 

Book review by Peter Rowlands


My Shot by Ricardo A. Valera


Parting Shot by Jean Michel Machefert


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